Class Descriptions


An exciting indoor group cycling workout that also incorporates core functional training. The skills emphasized are consistent energy usage by riding along with maximum fat burning, cycling efficiency and mental focus. Towel and water bottle are a must!


Increase bone density and decrease your chances of osteoporosis with this safe and effective class. We will use weights, tubing, Resist-A-Balls, and isometrics to strengthen your bones and connective tissue.


Integrates functional core movements, strength training and high intensity intervals.  Body changing RESULTS.  All fitness levels welcome.  Pulse Fit combined with cycle on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM, Thursdays at 8:30 AM and Thursdays at 6 PM.


The important principles of Joseph H. Pilates’ original teachings: breathing, centering, slowing movement, control, concentration, precision, and quality movement vs. quantity. A series of bio-mechanical body awareness exercises that concentrate on teaching strength and flexibility focusing on the core of the body. Learn how to move in control of executing each exercise properly in order to reap the full benefits of body mechanics (spinal and abdominal enhancement.)

Boot Camp

Combination of basic cardio moves intermixed with strength exercises using bikes, step floor and weight equipment.

TRX (Total Resistance Cross Training)

A core functional training program with over 200 exercises to increase overall body strength, endurance, stabilization, and flexibility.